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MD Assignment FAQs

What if I cannot use an MDA Coupon?

If you reserve an MDA Coupon and then realise you will not be able to use it before the EXPIRY date, please complete the MDA COUPON RELEASE Form. If an MDA Coupon is unused it may restrict your access to future MDA Coupons. Coupons are limited so it would be unfair to leave unused which could have been enjoyed by other MDs.

Should other Restaurants be mentioned?

Under no circumstances should an MD mention any other restaurant in reviews posted on TripAdvisor, Google or Facebook, whether in a positive or negative way. Any MD who does so may have their eligibility to be awarded future MDAs frozen, as our service is purely for honest feedback on MDVs food and service quality.

After dining at an MDV what next?

Mystery Diners visit Mystery Diner Venues and only disclose their purpose at the end of the meal when they ask for the bill; it's at this point MDs must show the restaurant staff the MDA Coupon Codes which have been emailed to them from MD UK. At any time during the following 48 hours, although the sooner the better, as feedback is best written when the experience is fresh in ones memory. It only takes 5-10 minutes we suggest reviews are written on arriving home. Remember... if it is felt that the restaurant didn't achieve a 4 or 5 Star rating then MDs must complete an EXCEPTION REPORT. For 4 and 5 Star reviews then MDs complete the MDA Report. EACH Mystery Diner must complete a report.. i.e. TWO Mystery Diners both write their own report and BOTH write the TripAdvisor, Google and facebook reviews.

What if an MD has a less than 4/5 Star Experience?

In the unlikely event that our Mystery Diners are not completely satisfied with their experience at a participating restaurant (MDV), and they feel they may not award 4 or 5 Stars, we ask our MDs to inform us using the EXCEPTION FORM before submitting their review. All our Mystery Diner Venues (MDVs) have agreed to mediation if any such situation arises, so it may be resolved to everyones satisfaction.

How do I request an assignment?

Assignments (MDAs) are offered on a 'first come, first served' basis and limited by each fortnight, so when a set of MDAs are announced as released for a participating restaurant - as a post in the Local-Town Mystery Diners Group you will have to be quick. That's why it's important you are a member of your local town fb group.

Upon visiting the website page that is displayed to your fb Group, each MD may reveal a unique coupon code by clicking on the 'RESERVE YOUR MDA'. IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be a limit to the number of codes issued and they must be reserved by entering the COUPON CODE in the CONFIRM YOUR ASSIGNMENT SELECTION Form.