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Mystery Diners FAQs

What is the value of Mystery Diner Coupons?

Each 'Mystery Diner' (MD) coupon has a declared value (a couple receives twice that value) of discount. MDs are responsible for any extra If the bill is greater, which must be settled at the time. The MDA restaurant report must be completed by both MDs of a couple before being eligible for the next MDA.

Can I join more Facebook groups?

We suggest you join Facebook Groups to keep up-to-date with events in your area, so if you work in another town/city then being a member of a few groups makes sense. Although there is no maximum set, it is unlikely you will benefit in being in a group outside of your typical living/working area.

How many restaurant visits do we get each month?

Each Mystery Diner Member will be offered up to 10 assignments each month to complete with another MD, so we suggest you apply together with a partner/friend.  If you don't fancy dining out at 2 to 3 restaurants every week, that's ok, as the assignments will be available to other members.